Welcome to Live Free Health & Fitness. We are a quality of life gym for all levels of ability and all types of fitness. We are a coach led gym that offers personal training, group classes, custom programs, injury rehabilitation, sports training, military/police/fire fitness training, and nutrition. We offer several types of workouts including strength & conditioning, weightlifting, cardio, core, and bodyweight. We have been serving the New Windsor, Newburgh, and Cornwall communities for 10+ years. We bridge the gap between fitness and healthcare. 

Step 1

Drop In to experience a class.


Schedule a talk with a coach. 

Step 3

Follow the prescription for success.

  • Show up consistently 

  • Learn from our fitness professionals

  • Live a long and strong life

Step 2

Start On Ramp with a coach in order to attend classes. On Ramp is a series of one on one sessions designed to teach each new member the safety and technique of each exercise. 


Start a personal training program with a coach. Personal training is tailored to what you like to do but also what you need to do. Ask about our Hybrid program which is a mix of personal training, custom workouts, & classes. Hybrid can also include rehabilitation of existing injuries so that you can be pain free and enjoy life.