On Ramp

On Ramp is a series of one on one sessions designed to teach each new member the safety and technique of each exercise.

$75/per session

*Average sessions needed depends on experience level. A majority of our clients need 1-6 sessions.     


Classes are led by one of our fitness professionals and includes a detailed warm up, instruction, assistance, workout, coaching, cool down. We have several different types of programs/workouts that you can choose from. 


*Unlimited classes, open gym, month to month, and no contracts.

Personal Training 

Personal training is tailored to what you like to do but also what you need to do. Hybrid is a mix of personal training, custom workouts, & classes. Hybrid may even include rehabilitation of existing injuries so that you can be pain free and enjoy life.

Rates vary based on frequency and customization. Meet with a coach for pricing.