Personal training

Every movement we make outside of the norm challenges the human design. We believe everyone should think differently about what it means to have an active life. Our personal training program is easy to start, beautifully designed, and customizable for each person.  Personal training can be used for:

  • Weightlifting

  • Bodyweight Training

  • Cardio

  • Sports Training

  • Rehabilitation of injuries

  • Police/Fire/Military Training

  • And more...


Personal training sessions are currently offered 7 days a week at any time that you and your coach schedule the sessions.

Click here "MEET WITH A COACH" to schedule an appointment with a coach for more information. 

Please check out our google reviews here to see what others have been saying about us. 

"I have been a member for eight-plus years now. The reason I joined was to get in shape before having a knee replacement.  Over the years, my fitness has continued to improve. However, my biggest weakness is my squats.  For years due to knee issues, I was not able to get below parallel.  After trying to work on this weakness myself and not having much progress for years (I am stubborn that way), I recently decided to try to improve my squats through personal training. After nine weeks of training, my squats have improved so much that now I go below parallel, and my right knee, which always had pain, is pain-free. The point of sharing this story is, I am 54 years old. Staying healthy is a lifelong journey, and you can start at any time.  One also has to remember that results take time. At 54, I continue to get stronger and continue to make progress."

- John Arendes