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Group Classes - $160/month

Our group classes are led by a coach and includes a workout briefing, detailed warm up, instruction and technique drills, and coaching during the workout. The workout changes everyday and blends a varied combination of weights, calesthenics, and cardio. Some personal training is required before attending classes. 

Personal Training - $75+/session

Our personal training sessions are completely customizable for any goal. Your coach will design and a execute a plan for you using a progressive appraoch. Personal training can be utilized for weightlifting, endurance, sport specific goals, runners, athletes, weight loss, police/fire/military training, and more. We also offer a program called "Hybrid" which allows you to attend classes and personal training.  

Active Life - Rate varies

Our Active Life program is how you get out of pain while working out. Maybe you have a back problem, a nagging shoulder injury, knees that burn when you walk or run. Active Life is designed to give you your freedom back and increase your quality of life. We accomplish this by providing corrective exercises to solve your problem while designing workouts for you that are effective. 

Custom Programming - $40+/mo

Our custom programs allow you workout on your own while having a fitness professional design a program for you that is effective for the goals that you have in mind. 

Open Gym - Call Frank for rates

We recognize that you may just want sometime to yourself to do your own thing. Our gym is set up for weightlifters, endurance athletes, CrossFitters, Strength & Conditioning, etc. This option is for experienced adults. 

Yoga & Meditation - $20/class

Yoga, stretching and meditation class. In this beginner class, we will explore easy postures and learn how to connect your breath with movement.  You will build strength and awareness in both mind and body. Experience the benefits of meditation as it helps to calm and still the mind.  All levels are welcome.

Theraputic Bodywork  Massage

Deep tissue massage promotes relaxation while addressing areas of concern. Deep tissue massage  improves overall wellness while relieving stress and encouraging optimal healing.  Deep tissue techniques including trigger point therapy, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization and sports massage are found to be the most effective in alleviating specific points of pain, postural problems and muscular compensations from daily living. 

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